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Angell Park Pavilion Rental Agreement

Angell Park Pavilion:
The rental of the Pavilion includes the use of the upstairs banquet facility, 8 foot tables & folding chairs, two 5 foot round tables, stage for DJ/Presentation, kitchenette, licensed bartenders and clean up after the event. The client is responsible for the set-up of the event unless otherwise noted. Table linens, dishes, glasses, silverware, and centerpieces are your responsibility.
Client cannot sublet the Pavilion or sell tickets for personal profit.

Dates of Operation:
Open April to October or the last booking before that date. There is an additional cost for operation in cold months; March, November & December, is $300.00.

On Site Wedding Ceremonies:
If held outdoors in lawn area, we are not responsible for landscaping/flowers or any special arrangements. Outdoor shelter may be used if available. Client is responsible for seating at outside ceremony site.

Room Capacity:
The banquet facility accommodates 450 seated guests. The seating capacity may fluctuate depending on the use of buffet tables, cake table, appetizer table, gift table and an additional bar station. Eight foot tables and folding chairs are available. Round tables, cocktail tables, chairs and other seating are available at an additional charge.
There is a required deposit and signed contract to secure a date for all events. Deposit of 50% of the rental fee. The entire deposit amount will be credited toward the final balance at the end of the event. If you should have to cancel your event, your full deposit will be refunded when we receive a letter of cancellation 180 days prior to the date of your event. If the event is cancelled after 180 days, ½ of your deposit will be refunded when the date and time are re-booked by another event. If the date and time are not rebooked, the entire deposit is forfeited. Cancelled events must be received in writing. No exceptions.

Angell Park Pavilion has the right to deny or cancel services for any reason at any time.
Angell Park Pavilion cannot and will not be responsible for acts of God, inclement weather or your change of plans.

Damage Deposit:
Damage Deposit of $500.00 will be paid one week prior to the event. Angell Park Pavilion will hold the check and return to client one week after the event if no damages or excessive cleaning have taken place. Restrictions outlined in Angell Park Pavilion Rental Agreement.

The balance of all fees is due in full seven (7) days prior to the scheduled event, excluding the Beverage bill. The remainder of the bill, including corkage and bar charges, will be charged at the conclusion of the event. Angell Park Pavilion accepts cash, local checks, cashier checks and credit cards for payment. Checks should be made payable to Angell Park Pavilion.
Please note that returned checks are subject to a $30.00 fee.

Outside Vendors:
Outside vendors must respect the terms and conditions of our establishment. For example, (video cameramen, photographers, bands, DJ’s, entertainers, decorators, service providers, wedding planners, etc.). Angell Park Pavilion has the right to refuse any outside vendor that has caused problems or damage in the past or any vendors who clearly should be licensed or insured and do not have proof. Decorators must have proof of insurance; food or beverage providers must be licensed and certified; and all other vendors who must leave equipment or products without supervision must also be licensed and insured. Angell Park Pavilion is not responsible for any hazards due to these items or missing items left in our facility before, during or after the event.

Use the caterer of your choice or bring in homemade food. The kitchenette is the only place inside the facility where food shall be prepared. The kitchen can only have 4 Nescos/roasters plugged in. The caterer may serve milk and coffee during the event.

Angell Park Pavilion shall not be held responsible if the caterer cancels and no refunds will be given in the event the caterer cancels. Angell Park Pavilion assumes no liability for the condition of the food or payment to the caterer.

Select your favorite baker to prepare your cake. The client is responsible for serving the cake.

Table Coverings and Linens:
Plastic/paper table coverings, paper napkins and linen tablecloths/napkins are the responsibility of the client.


All alcoholic and carbonated beverages must be purchased from Angell Park Pavilion. No exceptions unless given permission by the Pavilion Operations Manager. The caterer may serve milk and coffee.
NO CARRY-INS. Guests bringing in beverages will be asked to return them to their cars, dispose of open containers, or have them confiscated. If problem continues, reception host will be informed, and will be responsible for compliance. Event may be halted until compliance is reached.

Beer half barrels, wine, champagne, soda, and liquor are available at our full service bar. Please inquire to the Pavilion Manager about prices and brands.

Bartenders reserve the right to check ID’s upon request. Absolutely no persons under the age of 21 or without proper identification will be served alcoholic beverages. Anyone found to be serving a minor in our establishment will be asked to leave the premises.

Also, any persons who are obviously intoxicated will no longer be served by any of our staff. We strongly recommend that any persons who are intoxicated and do not have a designated driver, to leave their vehicles overnight. The vehicle is enclosed in the locked gated area overnight. The gate is opened the following morning.

Entertainment is solely left up to the client. Angell Park Pavilion has the right to control volume restrictions. The client is responsible for taking down tables and chairs if they are located in the dance floor area. No dance wax or compound, or any substance, may be spread on floor. Music is to cease playing at 12:00 am and the building must be vacated no later than 1:00 am.

Angell Park Pavilion reserves the right to require the client to pay for security for an event in the Pavilion.

Set-Up of the Facility:
Due to close scheduling of the facility, specific arrangements should be made with the Pavilion Operations Manager prior to the scheduled event.  In most cases, the Pavilion will not be available for set-up until the morning of scheduled event. The client may call 6 weeks prior to event to ask the availability of the Pavilion to set-up the prior day. If available, it is an additional $150.00 to set-up the prior day to the event. The heat and air conditioning will be at a minimal temperature. You may come and go that day between 8:00am. to 6:00pm.
A key will be loaned to the client for set-up and the client will return the key to an Angell Park Pavilion representative the day of the event. The client is responsible for locking the Pavilion after set-up when no people are there and for coordinating with vendors for delivery/set-up times.

The following guidelines are provided to ensure that you can appropriately decorate for your event, yet minimize the potential damage that may occur.
Please feel free to bring in centerpieces to decorate the tables.
All candles must be contained within a Hurricane or Votive Holder. Floating candles are okay.
No use of ANY confetti, glitter, sand, birdseed, rice, silly string or any like substance in the pavilion or outside the pavilion so as to tracked into the facility.
No thumb tacks, staples or nails in walls or ceiling.
It is the responsibility of the client to carefully remove all decorations at the conclusion of the event to ensure that no damage is incurred by the facility.
Angell Park Pavilion will not be held responsible for items left after a wedding or event.

Notification of damages and charges will take place.
Angell Park Pavilion is not responsible for supervising client’s guests or their behavior.
Angell Park Pavilion is not liable for any damages or loss of property to client’s or client’s guest’s property.
Angell Park Pavilion is not responsible for any accidents or injuries occurring during the rental period.
If any altercations arise where the police are called, forfeiture of your $500.00 deposit will take place without any exceptions.
After the event, Angell Park Pavilion shall apply damage deposit against payment for any damages, excessive cleaning and any other charges incurred, and net amount shall be due and payable to Angell Park Pavilion by Client, or any unused portion of deposit shall be returned to Client after, and if, all conditions outlined in this agreement to the Angell Park Pavilion’s satisfaction.
Client agrees that if the damages actually incurred by Angell Park Pavilion exceed the amount of the Damage Deposit collected, then the Client is liable for the difference.
Damage Deposit shall be returned to Client following the Angell Park Pavilion’s confirmation that no damage or excessive cleaning has occurred to the Banquet Hall premises, and surrounding property.

Pictures may be taken during an event from Angell Park Speedway Management and may be posted on our website. We reserve the right to post any pictures or video within our establishment before, during or after an event. These pictures will be for advertisement purposes only.

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